• Business Developer & Intuitive Lifestyle Coach

    Ms. Melina Lindsay

    Melina Lindsay is an intuitive lifestyle coach, business developer, mentor, public speaker and writer. Being a single mother, and primary caregiver for her family, she has learned many lessons along the way. Melina considers herself a graduate from the school of hard knocks, where she learned determination, passion and an appreciation for how precious life really is. She now has a passion for life, and to share these valuable lessons she has learned along the way with others. She wants to help people to build a life they love, live their true self, reach their full potential all while living a purposeful life. Melina is not afraid to tell you what you really need to hear, with unconditional love, and with a sprinkle of her own unique style.

    Melina Lindsay

    Business Developer & Intuitive Lifestyle Coach

    Melina Lindsay

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